Editor's note

A majority of coaches who understand a thing or two about delivering silverware live by this mantra.

It’s a theory that informed Wazito’s thinking when they lured this month’s Wazito Monthly cover page star back home after a season spent at Mathare United. The move has been a win-win for both parties, with Johnstone Omurwa developing into a full Kenyan international while transforming Wazito’s previously porous backline to being watertight. We sat down with the totemic defender, who told us how his humble beginnings, a motivating coach, and a taste of international football continue to inspire him to work towards football pinnacle while dragging his team along with him.

We’ve also taken a moment to celebrate Wazito’s first coach and a club legend responsible for the team’s ascent from the fifth tier in 2012 up to the second tier in 2016. We spent an afternoon with Madgoat TV’s Sasha and Toto Arege, who are flying high the women’s flag in sports journalism, and visited the workplace of one of Wazito’s ardent fans.

Enjoy the issue.



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