Editor's note

Hello again. Sadly sporting activities have been suspended once again due to the upsurge in covid-19 cases.

I hope it won’t be too long before football can be allowed to resume because life is never the same without it. In the meantime, let’s follow the government protocols and stay safe. Moving forward, the first time I heard about Coach Francis Kimanzi, I was a 17-year-old-boy way back in November 2008. He had led Mathare United to their first league title.

So it’s somewhat fitting that as I sit here writing my second letter as Editor of Wazito monthly publication, 13 years later, it’s Francis Kimanzi who features in this issue- in an exclusive interview. And so Francis Kimanzi is the FKF Premier League January coach of the month. It’s an accolade that we all saw coming, especially after Wazito FC notched five wins on the bounce in January. Yes, he’s hit the ground running since the turn of the year.

Please turn to page 10 to learn about his views on the relatively new marriage with Wazito so far. As Wazito FC was beating every team placed in front of it in January, the sensational midfielder Wyvonne Isuza proved to be a key cog in midfield, notching a few goals from his trademark late runs in the box.

More interestingly, coach Kimanzi and Isuza have worked together before at Mathare United and seem like a match made in heaven. Head to page 20 to read more.

We also shed light on the prodigious striking talent at KasiKasi academy and club legend Miltone Onyuna discusses his transition from competitive football to the corporate world.

Meanwhile, our passionate fan Zuleha Ambe tells us about her enduring love for Wazito.

Sit back and enjoy the magazine.

MR. ERIC ODHIAMBO (Chief Editor)



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