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ands up if you grew up wanting to be a fullback. I bet very few hands will be raised. A goal-scoring center forward? Absolutely. A wide winger who hugs the touchline tormenting opposition full-backs with pace and trickery? Sounds like fun. Even a goalkeeper who makes terrific saves to keep his team in the tie. Well, who wouldn’t want to be a savior?

But a full-back? That’s for the Sunday league fella who is struggling with basic co-ordination, leave alone footballing ability. At professional level, too, the full-back position has never been fashionable over the years. Over the past 6 months, however, a revolution has been in the works. Wazito’s all attacking right-back, Rooney Onyango, is redefining the role, one perfectly weighted cross at a time.

It’s his mobility, close control, and energy to get up and down the pitch. He runs the game from there and is one of the first names on the match day team sheet. There is precious little indication of it all going to his young head. A quiet lad who goes on with his business without kicking up a fuss. In fact, what comes over throughout an afternoon in his company is the absolute determination to play in Europe and don the national team colors. We also had a sit-down with Wazito legend Kennedy Wanjie who used to bang in goals for fun during his playing days. He shares with us what he’s been up to. And Wazito number one shares his foody thoughts. Enjoy the issue.


Eric Odhiambo – Editor | Kevin Teya – Assisntant Editor | Bedah Otieno – Design & Layout | Kelly Ayodi – Photographer



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