Wazito Curfew: Find out what David Oswe has been up to during this period

It has been over two months since we last played football. How are things so far?

Well, it hasn’t been easy. When your body is used to a certain daily routine then there is a sudden change to it, adjusting is never an easy task. But I am coping.

How does your daily routine look like from the time you wake up to when you retire to bed?

I came up with my personal timetable which involves a morning jog that starts at around 5.45 AM to 6.30 AM. It is followed by a few stretches because later in the evening at around 4 PM I’ll be doing some in-house workouts that involve agility, speed reactions, core, and many more as directed by our coach Stewart Hall.

I take a warm shower after the morning jog, brew myself some coffee then read a few of my books because at the end of the day I still have to juggle between getting my school certificates and football. This is done on a repeat till the week ends with two days off that is a day in the middle of the week and Sundays.

Any new skill learned during this period?

Well, there aren’t any new skills learned because I was raised to do all the things that need doing, this involves cooking, doing laundry, and many more. I still haven’t perfected my play station skills. I still get whipped every time I get a chance of playing.

What do you miss most during this period?

Well I miss my teammates, the bond and the laughter during training brought an awesome feeling.

Any vital lesson picked during this period?

I have learned something about humanity. That whether rich or poor we are all vulnerable and we should always live in harmony.

What message do you have for your teammates, fans, and Kenyans in general?

I urge my teammates to keep working behind the scenes because we will have to pick up from where we left and take the team to greater heights where it should be.

To the fans and Kenyans in general, let us keep safe and follow government and health directives for a better tomorrow.

To those Kenyans who have been greatly affected by the pandemic, I urge them to keep faith and condolences to those who may have lost their loved ones during this time, let them remember that we are together in this and that we will pull through.

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