Wazito reach optimism peak with Kimanzi’s coup

Tactical impetus seldom fails. In fact, it’s the permanent object in the fast changing football climate, now possibly more than before. There is, of course, room for nostalgia and sentiment, for kissing the club’s badge, for club legends, and living out folk stories. However, at its core, lies the system which guarantees the key to success and Wazito Football Club have come to the realization that progression and on-pitch success is steeped in tactical implementation and footballing identity. And in Francis Kimanzi, the club has found a manager who encapsulates all these attributes.

Tried and Tested

Termed the ‘hot seat’, the position of the coach in Wazito Football Club has proven to be topsy-turvy for a while now. However, by Kimanzi signing on the dotted line for a period of 4 years, the club is sending out a statement of turning over a new leaf and allowing the coach the time and freedom to instill his footballing blueprint in a long-term project. Ideally, he is the perfect man in the local scene for this job, boasting of an experienced, cool head which has seen, won and survived things in the local league and national setup.

He’s got that impressive reputation and aura of authority on him and that’s why when he speaks, players listen. When the young talents namely Chumsy, Fidel, Bonny and Oburu signed for Wazito FC this season, only in their wildest dreams did they think they would have the precious opportunity to be coached by a serial competitive coach. Indeed, their wildest dreams have become reality.

Footballing blue print

The way his teams play is fascinating to the natural eye. There is no KFC-style secret recipe for success about Kimanzi’s tutelage wherever he goes, no clandestine combination of herbs and spices that have the players play such an attractive brand of football. On the contrary, he emphasizes on football basics thus creating a footballing identity based on ball retention, pass and move patterns, as well as quick transitions, which in itself warrants praise given how very few coaches are able to win games and at the same time play attractive football.

There are many definitions of a good coach. One could say the ability to win games, trophies and so on. But what is lost on many people is that a good manager has the ability to get that further 10-20 % out of the footballer than even they do not realize they possess. You only have to look at Kimanzi’s job with the national team to see the massive improvement he had on the players who had in the past ebbed, flowed or stuck. He knows when to put an arm around the shoulder of a player and when to lash out and use the stick. This type of management style keeps players in check and on toes.

In conclusion..

Wazito’s decision to rope in coach Kimanzi and his technical team looks shrewd if analyzed from the view of winning the league within the next 5 years and participating in the continental competition. So nothing but best wishes to Francis Kimanzi on his appointment to the purportedly ‘hot seat’. He has a gigantic task ahead of him to instill a brand of football which is attractive to watch and bring in positive results, to help with the development of young, talented footballers, and above all help Wazito Football Club have a feeling of stability for the first time after a period of chaos.

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