The Doctor Has Been Helpful, Bernard Speaks on His Recovery Journey

Ochieng: Wazito FC captain ruled out for 'months' after surgery ...

Our captain Bernard Ochieng has lauded the support he has received from the doctor assigned to him as he recovers from a knee injury.

The defender was operated on his left knee in February and is now undergoing rehab ahead of next season’s campaign whose kick-off date remains unknown owing to the COVID-19 situation.

He says his recovery has been good and is getting better day after day.

“I am doing well. I think the progress has been good and I am looking forward to getting fully fit in the near future,” he stated.

Bernard Ochieng (@Bernardochi4) | Twitter

“Right now I am working on strengthening my left knee. I am also doing some agility and reaction training so that when I have recovered fully from the injury I do not lag behind in terms of fitness,” he added.

Bernard admitted that the first month after surgery was a tough one as the pain was unbearable.

“I think no one told me what to expect after surgery (he laughs). The pain was unbearable sometimes but slowly by slowly I overcame and I am happy with my current state,” he continued.

Bernard Ochieng (@Bernardochi4) | Twitter

He also took time to thank the club for assigning him a doctor who has walked with him throughout the journey.

“Our team is a special one, after surgery I was assigned a doctor who has been with me throughout and I must admit that he has been very helpful. If I didn’t have a doctor especially during this COVID-19 pandemic period I think things would have been really tough, “he added.

I'll come back stronger from injury that cut short my season ...

On his return to football

“The target is to return to full training by September, I believe I will be ready for next season,” he concluded.

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