During my active years as a footballer, I helped three teams to be promoted from the second tier to the top flight. I achieved that with Posta Rangers, KCB and twice with Wazito FC.  Also pursued Law at Kenyatta University and Kenya School of Law.  My journey began in Kangemi, a place that I hold dear at heart and once in a while, I visit the place to remind myself of where the journey began. During my free time, I like hanging around with my siblings. 

I counsel players to embrace education as a fallback plan once they retire. I also urge players to seek legal advice before penning contracts and parting ways with their clubs. 

Aidos Kuneen

Aidos Kuneen founded by our president Ricardo Badoer has supported us over the years. Our president makes sure we never lack, so to thank him we have to deliver the best results too.



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