Kit Manager

Brief info

When Wazito FC players and coach turn up for the game, it’s the job of the kit manager to ensure they have all they need. This is exactly what Eric Obare has been doing diligently at Wazito for the last 5 years.
What I love about my job
I am in a fortunate position because I get to travel across the country during the league campaign, meet lots of famous footballers, and see everything first-hand. It’s quite an important role in the club and I love it. I’m first in and last out, and always have a smile on my face.
What is difficult about my job?
It is important to be organized, to ensure each player and member of staff has everything they need to do their job. With that comes a lot of pressure to ensure nothing is forgotten.
What skills I need
I need to be organized, dedicated, on time, always smiling, and have a positive attitude.

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