It is an old-aged argument whether charismatic coaches are born or made. Irrespective of the answer, charismatic coaches are now in vogue. If your team does not have a charismatic coach marshalling his troops from the dug-out, then chances of success drop significantly. You’ve seen pets walking with their owners, right? Similarly, football teams often become a mirror image of their head coach.


By definition, charisma is a compelling aura that attracts attention and stirs devotion. Martin Luther King Jr. had charisma. Mahatma Gandhi had it. The likes of Pep, Klopp and Mourinho all have it. In the BetKing Premier League and Wazito specifically, Francis Kimanzi has it.

The coach who has their unique way of doing things is inexplicably successful, if we adopt the definition of success as exceeding expectations and economic advantages, instead of just winning things.  Of course, a great coach is made up of many attributes- character judgment, tactical nous, foresight, emotional intelligence, and so on. However, being a functional ordinary Tom, Joe or Dick does not inspire the 21st-century footballer anymore. What makes the big differences lies in the nature and personality of the manager; the ability to inspire players to go through walls if need be to get wins.

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The table doesn’t lie

Look at various leagues both home and abroad and there are less and less teams who play entertaining football or achieve success based on their own expectations with a boring coach. In fact, a quick glance at the 2020/21 BetKing Premier League table and you’ll notice that the first four teams in the standings are coached by odd, charismatic coaches known for their particular way of doing things. Thus, it’s not wide of the mark to say that the teams that are not performing, as likely as not, their coach is also underperforming, while the performing clubs tend to have an individual out of the ordinary leading the flock. Of course, this is all commensurate to resources and expectations.

Rounded Rectangular Callout: ‘..I wish our coach was like that.’

The modern footballer wants to play for an inspirational head coach. Someone who has unique ideas, someone like Francis Kimanzi because his attributes rub off on the players. If the coach is not a sparky original and uninspiring, it must be quite boring for footballers more so when they see rival teams playing wonderful football in the reflection of their respective managers. They are only human to contemplate ‘I wish our coach was like that.’ Hence, the manager’s personality has never been more vital in this age of instant communication and relentless exposure.

In conclusion…

Club coaches are now stars, just as the players. No matter how talented a squad is, there’s still need of a big personality to inspire and get the players, fans and media excited. Look at your club’s head coach. Does he set your adrenaline rushing? If not, then cross over to Wazito Football Club.

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