Fondly referred to by the moniker ‘Chumsy’, Kevin Okumu is carrying a mature head on his young shoulders. Suffice to say, he’s a potential star if he maintains his top performances at right-back that belies his tender age.

In the recent past, the Kenya Premier League has seen a dearth of top-quality right-backs. We have even seen in the national team setup where makeshift midfielders and center backs having to slot in the right-back position because of the lack of specialized right-backs.

The truth is that the fullback position is quite demanding fitness-wise. Can you go up and down the flank for the full 90 mins? Can you properly defend and still go up and deliver tantalizing crosses in the opposition box? If you can strike a fine balance between all these demands of a modern-day fullback, then you’re a gem in modern football.


Upon his signing, questions were raised whether he’ll handle the stiff competition at right-back. Could he replicate his top performances at his previous workstation that made him a top prospect? Could he handle the huge expectations at his new prestigious club?

But this is Wazito FC and we had no option but to assume they’d seen something that the rest of the naysayers hadn’t seen. On the evidence of his scintillating displays against Zoo FC and Narok Combined, anyone levelheaded has stopped wondering if the club did a piece of good business with the transfer coup of Chumsy.

Transfer coup

Young, energetic, speedy, tough on the tackle, can properly defend in 1v1 situations, trademark marauding runs, can deliver wicked crosses into the box….these are but a few of the attributes that Chumsy put on display in the two friendly matches broadcasted live on Madgoat TV.

Among all the new acquisitions on show, Chumsy stood heads and shoulders above the rest with his strong display. Of course, these were just friendly matches and no one is getting carried away. But we all love clutching at straws. We love excitement.  We love new, shiny stuff. So when we see exciting displays especially from a new signing, we can’t help it but get excited about the new season.

Chumsy might not be the finished product, but he has all the attributes to be a polished final product. The coaches have a job on their hands to make this happen. The player himself has a job to scale bigger heights and reach his full potential. Wazito Football Club has the best platform. Will he?

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