By Eric Odhiambo

History remembers Kings. There’s no shred of doubt that Brian Khaguli or ‘Brayo/Fergie’ as he was fondly known among his peers will be etched in the history books of Wazito FC. With the world seemingly running out of loyalty, Brian was not your average fan. He’s stood the test of time in the Wazito FC journey even before the glitz and glamour now associated with team courtesy of Mr. Ricardo Badoer.  

While players and coaches come and go, true fans stay the course and follow their beloved team every season. After learning the news of his demise, 

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I found myself quite moved by old photos and interactions with him and I’m certain I’m not the only who dropped a tear. 

Wazito FC vs Kangemi United was always a fierce derby. The rivalry started in the 2013 Nairobi provincial league playoff finals when Wazito FC edged out Kangemi United in a penalty shootout to emerge Nairobi province winners. As a resident of Kangemi, he was a staunch fan of Kangemi United which boasted of a massive fan base. It is during these epic matches in the lower leagues when I first saw ‘Fergie’. And so when Wazito FC first qualified for the National Super league in 2016, he among others became a big fan of the team. 

Why the love?

I can’t think of any home game he missed. He was a constant feature at Camp Toyoyo grounds, clad in Wazito branded jersey and his favorite seating area was along the high wall behind the goal that is adjacent to the Main office. If you thought an away game to Nakuru or Machakos was far, not for him. He would turn up with his friends. These memories provoke watery eyes for everybody who interacted with him. 

The love for a football team is something you either feel or you don’t. It can’t be proven with statistics any more than you can prove that vodka is better than gin. It can only be felt. And Brian for one, did feel it for those couple of years. And in that, he’s not alone on this earth. A Wazito legend was forever made in Brian Khaguli. He will be revered among us. I’ll leave you with the words of Mr. Ricardo Badoer, a man who tells it like it is:

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